SL 4058 Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision - Oregon

Brokerage Administration And Sales Supervision Online Course (BASS), 40 Hrs

(Principal Broker Course)

This OREA approved comprehensive 40 hour course includes all of the new required areas of study. As well as allowing you to obtain your Principal Broker license, the study material can become your reference manual in starting your new office responsibilities. 

Course includes;

Brokerage, Financial Reports And records, Agency, Contracts, Real Property, Titles And Taxation, Land Use And Commercial Property, Environmental Issues And Disclosures, Property Management, Landlord Tenant Laws, Landlord Rights And Obligations, Tenant Obligations, Landlord Remedies, Lending Laws, Money Markets, Financing Documents, Foreclosure, Government Loan Programs, Non-Government Loan Programs, Comparative Market Analysis, Taxation, Mathematical Calculations, And Final Exam.