About Us

Superior Schools, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation and has been an Oregon chartered professional school since 1978. As one of the largest and oldest schools of its type in Oregon, it has been responsible for the successful education of over 22,000 students. Being an independent school, we enjoy the opportunity to offer the latest and best in training materials to a diverse student body.

Linda Forbes - President

Linda Forbes, Superior School's School Director, is widely known as a knowledgeable Real Estate Principle Broker, trainer and educator. Having sold residential and commercial properties before becoming a managing broker, she knows the needs of a working agent. In addition to successfully managing three different real estate licensing schools, Linda has taught investment real estate and real estate pre-licensing at the community college level for many years. She knows the inside story on what it takes to pass the real estate exam. As the state director of education for a major national brokerage firm, Linda wrote the curriculum and taught many beginning and advanced state approved classes. She is currently the author of seven state-required pre-licensing texts. With over 27 years in the real estate industry, she brings hands-on experience and expertise to the educational field.

Janda Pacheco - Training Director

Janda Pacheco is Superior School's Training Director and has been an Oregon resident for 22 years. She has over 15 years' experience of successful real estate sales experience that provides her with the knowledge base to instruct students in all phases of our Real Estate programs. As a gifted public speaker, Janda conducts many of our live instruction classes.